Logo Process Build your brand with a professionally Designed Graphics
Logo design Process at Logo Design Block
In just 5 simple and easy steps you can get one best logo design for your small business. We will design a logo that will definitely fulfill all branding needs for your small business.
logo Process
logo Process
logo Process
Choose one of the best logo design Package
a) Evaluate our Packages and select the one best logo design package you find fit with all your requirements. If you are in doubts and want to      discuss just call us, Email or talk to us on Live chat. Just inform what and how you want us to design a logo for you, and we solve all your      problems.

b) After selection of the package, click to order now button. A secure order page will appear where you can provide us the following       information.
     i. Company Information for which you want us to design a logo.
     ii. Contact numbers and addresses
     iii. Strategic information about your business and brand
     iv. Creative information about your company, to be applied while we design a logo for you.

c) You can complete your order form either on phone or on line. You will get a receipt, ID, password, and detailed process orientation      through email. Give as much information at this stage to help us to design a logo, which successfully speaks relevance to your business,      just remember, a good beginning is half the battle of best logo design for your business.
First round of initial logo samples
a) Depending on the time period and number of initial logo samples described in your Package details your initial logo samples will be uploaded      on your user panel provided to you where you can check and critique the first set of logo samples for any possible changes you want.

b) Select any 1 or 2 best logo design samples and place your desired changes. You can also merge the aspects like color, design, figures,      graphics, and font styles from different logo samples provided to you. We will design a logo incorporating all these new changes to provide      you a best logo designed after the revision.

c) For any confusion, doubts or failure to receive the initial logo samples in the set period, please don’t get intimidated, just notify us without      delay through email or phone call.
Second Round with revised logo samples.
a) Within 1-2 business days after the first round, depending on the package and design intricacy, you will receive certain number of revised      Logo samples. If this design is not seems to be satisfactory don’t get disappointed. Such creative processes to design a logo are just like      that. Provide us the feedback for further changes in color, design, figures, graphic, and font styles. You will find us still committed to design      a logo that will fulfill your desires for all your business and branding needs.

b) All our designers are trained to design a logo by understanding customers’ recommendations with patience and they polish up the logo      accordingly, but our designers will have just one exception where we cannot compromise i.e. they will always design a logo that must look      professional.
Third Round and Final logo sample.
If all changes met your satisfaction, your final concept will be uploaded after the third round. Still if you want some further changes, we will continue with process to design a logo incorporating your said changes until our efforts, your satisfaction gets the harmony, and till you get a best logo design.
Final Logo design
a) After you approve your final best logo design, we will design a logo for each possible format including PDF, AI, EPS, JPG, GIF and any other      you want and send it through email.

b) Logo design block releases all the ownerships and rights to trademark your logo design. We just need your kind permission to use is in the list      of best logo designs in our portfolio as logo samples help knowing our potential customer about what kind of work we can provide.

c) After completing all the works to design a logo for you, we start designing your stationery, website design, Brochure, or any other additional      services for that you placed in your order.
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