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With a team of 13 professional logo designers we have served with high quality business logos for many small to large companies like, HM fixtures,, and many other around the globe.

Our team of professional logo designers have worked on variety of projects and fulfilled many clients with diverse business needs and wants. Check out our logo design portfolio all types of Logo. It can help you to get logo design ideas for your project.

We can also provide 3D logo designs and Flash logo designs for different companies in diverse industry categories.
Logo design showcase
Logotype: .ESP .AI .PDF .PSD
Logotype: .ESP .AI .PDF .PSD
Logotype: .ESP .AI .PDF .PSD
Logotype: .ESP .AI .PDF .PSD
Logotype: .ESP .AI .PDF .PSD
Logotype: .ESP .AI .PDF .PSD
Logotype: .ESP .AI .PDF .PSD
Logotype: .ESP .AI .PDF .PSD
A successful and professional logo design should:

• Differentiate your company from the clutter in the market place and make you as unique brand and original logo design ideas.

• Use significant colors that reflect different but specific meanings on your customers.

• Use a suitable font that properly matches with your industry category, Brand attitude and target audience.

• Use uncomplicated logo design ideas and features that can easily be understood by your target audience.

• Should be impressive, recallable, and unforgettable enough to create brand recognition so that it creates a statement to repeat customer for    the next time when he need a service you are providing.

• Not use short forms and confusing jargons like Inc, co, and the like. These kinds of unprofessional logo elements create unnecessary    distractions and disturbance.
How to Evaluate Logo samples in Portfolio
Evaluating the Logo samples and design portfolio is the very important and first step to find a professional logo designer that suits to your professional business image.

One should spend a lot of time to check what kind of work that professional logo designer is able to do. Check their Illustrative, Rhetoric, Conservative, Interactive, Flash or 3D logo samples and how well and creatively do they incorporate the logo design ideas in their works.

Different professional logo designers have different ways and even have a consistent style through all their projects. This is very important to check the variety in their logo graphics and originality in their logo design ideas. Otherwise it can be risky for your professional brand image.

A logo Designer may have a similar nature that he integrates and add throughout his work, one way or the other.

You should analyze every logo sample available in the portfolio and then decide on some facts before choosing a designer for your work.

-Does their design style, suits to your own logo design ideas and business needs?
-Does each design style exhibits the variations and creativity, or they are using same aesthetics, shapes, lines, figures, and logo graphics in all projects?
-Are all of their design styles are unique and professional?
-Are all logos creating pleasant effect on the eye or not?
-Finally and most importantly will this professional logo designer be able to intelligently understand your logo design ideas and convert them into reality
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