FAQs,This archive contains Usenet Frequently Asked Questions
1. How much time it would take to complete my first set of logo samples?
Your first set of logo samples will be available to you in Just 2 business days.
2. How many times, I may ask for changes in my logo samples.
You can ask, as many times you want changes in your logo samples. We provide unlimited revisions until you get 100% satisfied with your company logo design.
3. What in a case if I do not like any of the logo samples provided to me?
Depending on your package, we will redraw and provide more logo samples. Mostly all the customers approve at least one of the logo samples and ask for revisions and then we proceed to get better with your company logo, but it completely depends on your satisfaction and you can ask for redraw.
4. Can I incorporate my own ideas with my Company logo?
All your ideas will be appreciated for your company logo. It would help us to create a logo that really satisfies you.
5. Can you redesign or repair my existing logo design?
We can also put a new life to your existing company logo. You can ask us to redraw, edit, repair, clean up, revive from raster to vector, add illustrations or any other improvement you want for your existing company logo.
6. How can I see my logo samples?
As we receive your payment, we create a separate web page called user area, and provide you user name and password. We upload all the work progress and logo samples here and you can track all the progress for your company logo project here.
7. What color format you use for the company logos I will get from you?
Both CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) and PMS (Pantone Matching System) are used at Logo Design Block. These are most common and recommended color formats for printing of company logo design, however if you need any other color format like RGB, than just notify this in your order form.
8. What is the difference between CMYK and PMS?
CMYK Color Printing
CMYK is also called process colors because it uses four colors mixing process. It is highly suitable with digital or off-set printing. Color can be produced on any of your choice of printed material (paper, vinyl, cardboard, fabric, and the like.
PMS Color Printing
PMS color printing is also called spot color printing. If you want your company logo or graphic design color will print similar on every single printed copy than you can use PMS color. PMS color printing also looks similar no matter which firm prints them.
9. Can I request for RGB color format for my company logo?
RGB colors are also called screen colors and are convertible from CMYK colors and we can provide your company logo in RGB format. We do not recommend you to use RGB color format for printing as the results will never be accurate, but it is best for websites only.
10. What about the rights to of my company logo?
The final logo design you choose, you own all the rights for that, while the rights of remaining logo samples remain with Logo Design Block.
11. What if I don’t like any of the logo samples provided ask for refund?
We are highly confident that this could only happen, once in a blue moon, because what our designers will provide, will always give you a pride. However, as per our satisfaction and refund policy;

• We provide unlimited revisions or
• Redraw a new set of logo samples or
• Employ different designers for your company logo project
• If nothing works, we give all your money back to you and keep the rejected logo samples with us.
12. What does your 100 % satisfaction policy means?
At Logo Design Block we try our level best to provide you an awesome and highly effective designs. With a professional logo designed at Logo Design Block, 99% of the times you feel pride presenting your corporate identities to your customers. Our Satisfaction policy entails that we continue carry on with creating your logo samples, until you get 100 % satisfied.

We provide unlimited revisions, even redraw, change the designers and than if all these don’t work we give all your money back and keep all the rejected logo samples with us. We can also help you to find and select the other design services, see our blog.

Our satisfaction policy means that once you enter the Logo Design Block, whether you order for a company logo design or not, you will find a helping way to give your small business a professional image, and that’s the mission of Logo Design Block.
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